28 August, 2009

Lady Gaga for V Magazine

Here are a couple of pics of Lady Gaga by famed photog, Mario Testino, for the new V Magazine. I absolutely adore Gaga but what the hell is going on with her skin tone?? It's giving me Oompa Loompa Fever {no bueno!}

And here is her new vid for her single,Paparazzi, with the gorgeous Alexander Skarsgard {Eric the Vampire to you True Blood fans}

Images via: dlisted.com


Chi-Chi said...

Damn Gaga is taking being a tan/bronze addict to the max a bit too far???

However she can only pull that look off without looking ridiculous.

I just noticed that you had the Noisettes front lady up on your sidebar. I made a little tribute to her. :)

Val said...

You're rite Chi unlike some other celebrities....