14 August, 2009

Learning From the Past: Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow {1911-1937} was one of Hollywood's first sex symbols. She is often described as the original "Blonde Bombshell".

72 years after her death, Harlow's style is mimicked by the Blonde Bombshells of today, most notably Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani.

Images via: shelleyburke.com, jeanchoi.wordpress.com, solarnavigator.net, newprophecy.net


Chi-Chi said...

christina aguilera is also a known jean harlow fan/stan.

i believe gwen portrayed her in her film debut.

like they say what's old is new!

Val said...

So true. I wanted to put X-tina but that would be so obvious lol

Chi-Chi said...