28 August, 2009

Product Review: Avon's Advance Techniques Dry Ends' Serum

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT an Avon lady. But, I have to respect Avon for coming out with such a good product. Any hair expert will tell you that the weakest parts of hair are the ends, because they are the oldest. If you suffer from dry, and continually splitting ends, combing your hair is most likely a dreaded task. For a few months, I have been using Avon's Dry Ends Serum and I must say that I am impressed. I use it right after I was my hair and it immediately smoothes the ends, making them feel less rougher than usual. I also use it sometimes at night to seal my ends. The only con to this product is the greasy feeling it leaves on the hands after usage, but in my opinion greasy hands are far better than fried-looking ends.
Image via: Avon.com

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